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Wireless Tracker is one of the UK's leading GPS Wireless tracking company, which supply vehicle trackers for high tech cars, motor bikes, bicycles and individual trackers for children, pets, disabled or elderly relatives. We also provide fleet tracking solutions for businesses which gives you the information you need to make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of your fleet, saving time, fuel and money.

You will find our GPS/GSM wireless trackers are easy to use. If you do have any queries we are here to sort it out.

Wireless Trackers make GPS tracking affordable and simple, allowing you the freedom to track your asset when you wish. 

How Wireless Tracking can help you 

Fuel savings

Fewer "extra stops", more direct routes, better mpg, less idling and less unauthorised usage. Average fuel consumption reduced by up to 30%.*

Labour savings

Saves up to 30 minutes per day per vehicle. Average overtime reduced by 15%.*

Productivity increased

At least one more job per day per employee. Average productivity increased by 12%.*

Customer service improved

Know your exact arrival times, respond more effectively to emergencies and last-minute changes.

Communications improved

The industry's most effective 2-way messaging. No more cell phone hassle,and all messaging date/time stamped and archived.

No more time cards

Now automated with easy-to-use payroll reports.

Fewer traffic violations

Driving behavior monitoring and real-time alerts.

Security and safety enhanced

Integrated GPS, monitoring, alerts, messaging and more

Featured products

WL-TK310 Tiny

Genuine TK310 Tiny is GPS tracking device with inbuilt rechargeable of 1000 mAh.
£59.99 £42.99

Wireless Tracking FMT100

Water Proof Unit. Made in EU

WL-TK104 Pro (Portable OR Hardwired Tracker)

TK104 WLPro is our professional series tracker with longer battery life.
£89.99 £79.99

WL-TK108 Pro (Portable Tracker)

TK108 WLPro is our professional series tracker with longer battery life. Long standby, 6 months if it works under "sleep by time" mode and 6 years if it works under "schedule" mode
£119.99 £99.99


Widely used for bike, vehicle and other moving objects tracking.
£89.00 £66.99


GPS Children Tracking System GPS302 WL is specially designed for Children and Disabled Persons- GPS302 WL
£49.99 £36.99


Mainly used for vehicle management and location tracking services.
£99.99 £74.99


Hidden installation, real time tracking,Scheduled wake-up,arm & disarm by SMS, low battery alert.
£69.99 £59.99