Go Green

Go Green from Wireless Tracking is a powerful fleet management tool that enables companies to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint and monitor driver behaviour. Once installed, our advanced technology gathers data about every element of your fleet’s activity, from average speed to fuel consumption and more. This data is available to you instantly, in real-time, so you can gain immediate insight and, ultimately, drive positive change.

As part of our commitment to greener working, we’ve also developed mobile workforce scheduling applications that run via mobile devices, to encourage a ‘paperless’ working environment. Helping to reduce your paper wastage, your administration costs, and enabling your team to work more efficiently.

Greener driving is not only good for the environment but it’s also safer too. Reducing speed can help reduce fuel usage but can also reduce the risk of accidents. Greenerfleet now includes a Duty of Care Module helping you make the link to driver safety as well.

What is engine management?

The engine management system is a key feature of modern cars, vans and commercial vehicles. It is the computer that controls the vehicle's important electronic systems such as for fuel, safety devices and sensors, as well as the vehicle's transmission. Information collected from these different systems is sent back to a central module; the vehicle’s engine management system.

What kind of information is collected by the engine management system?

A range of information is collected by the engine management module. This includes distance travelled, driving and idling times, fuel consumption, braking (including number and harshness of braking occurrences), speeding and also over and under revving.

Reduce emissions and save money with Go Green

Wireless Tracking trackers connects to your vehicle's engine management system and provides a powerful solution for analysing and monitoring driving styles. It delivers very accurate data on variables such as engine idling (which wastes fuel), accurate CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

With Go Green driver behaviours can be monitored, and safer, greener and more economical driving styles can then be encouraged and rewarded. Key insights include data such as a league table of the most fuel efficient drivers. Accurate comparisons of performance between your different vehicles will also be simple to achieve.