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Product Description

GPS vehicle trackers can be invaluable for not only ensuring productivity among your fleet of delivery vehicles, but can also help you mold your teen driver into a responsible motorist for years to come. OBD II GPS Tracker gives you up-to-the-moment location updates. If you’re wondering if your driver has gone off course, or your teen is out past curfew, OBD II GPS Tracker can give you the answers you need. Detailed reports will tell you exactly where a vehicle has been, and how fast it was going. OBD II GPS Tracker is the easiest way to track a car or truck without worrying about battery life or complicated wiring.

The OBD II GPS Tracker is an advanced plug and play GPS tracker that plugs straight into your cars OBDII port. This allows the device to be moved from one vehicle to another in just seconds with and wiring. All cars manufactured after 1996 are required to have an OBDII port, the port is normally located under the steering column/footwell of your car. A free OBDII extension cable is also included for more flexibility. The OBD II Gps Tracker also has a built in microphone for remote voice surveillance so you can listen in. This device has an internal backup battery which charges itself while plugged into your cars OBDII port.

OBD II GPS Tracker is offered pre-configured and topped-up with £5 credits that can provide between 6 to 10 weeks of unlimited internet tracking. All our trackers are provided with free pay as you go sim cards so you can manage your own costs. You will only need to top-up your sim card once it runs out of credits and there aren’t any direct debits, subscription fees or hidden costs you have to pay.

All our tracking devices are supplied with free lifetime subscription to our own UK bases web tracking server. This means you won’t have to rely on third party companies for your tracking needs. Our server is very user friendly and most features are customisable by users including icons, colors, units of measure (ie. mph/kmph), time zone, vehicle details and so on. Our server keeps log of your tracking history for 90 days, which means you can recall tracking history of an earlier date. Our software engine can provide you detailed statistics which can be exported as printable web pages or excel sheets. These statistics include general information, travel statistics with real addresses, fuel consumption, zone in/out reports, event reports and many more.

Working Based on existing GSM/GPRS network (850/900/1800/1900Mhz) and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or internet.


  • Change Password
  • Authorization
  • Single Locating
  • Auto track continuously
  • Automatic update positions of vehicle turns
  • GPS drift suppression
  • Absolute street address by SMS
  • Location based service (LBS)
  • Voice Monitor -Data logging
  • Data Load
  • Forward the third parties’ message
  • Charges Inquiry
  • mainteanance remind alert
  • Low battery alarm
  • External Power off alarm
  • GPS blind Spot alert
  • Geo-fence
  • Multi-area management
  • Movement alarm
  • Over speed alarm
  • Alarm without GSM network service
  • Check the Vehicle State
  • Reset Hardware
  • Sleep Mode
  • Sleep by time
  • Sleep by shock sensor
  • No sleep mode
  • Set up Terminal (local) Time
  • TCP / UDP Switch
  • GPRS setting
  • Setting up APN
  • GPRS User ID and password Setup
  • IP and port setup
  • Less GPRS traffic
  • Modes Switch between “SMS” and “GPRS”
  • Set up monitor center number





Helps driver to know the status inside the car when it has been stolen.


OTA (Over the Air) enable terminal firmware upgrade to match the latest firmware.


When tracker obtained a valid GPS position, the terminal will record the log into buffer by interval.Tracking log can be read by Meitrack Manager and stored up to 130,000 records.

GPS&GSM (LBS)Tracking

Wherever GPS position is not available, GSM base station will use signal tower to provide an approximate coordinate to ensure it can be located anytime.

GPS Blind Spot Report

When entering and exiting an area without GPS signal, the terminal will send report to platform.

GSM Blind area Storage/Replenish Alarm

Within a GSM blind area when normal report can’t be sent to platform, reports will be automatically stored and resume sending out reports wherever GSM signal available. Built-in flash memory 8M, maximum GPRS 8,000 and SMS 256 reports. 

Mileage Report

Each GPRS data contains mileage of the vehicle. When first use, user can modify tracker’s default mileage value to match the vehicle odometer value.

ACC ON Report

Select ACC ON report, the device will send ACC ON report to platform or mobile phone while ACC ON.

ACC OFF Report

Select ACC OFF report, the device will send ACC OFF report to platform or mobile phone while ACC OFF.SMS Text (This Trip) : Mileage, average speed, time so start, max speed, etc.

Maintenance Report

Set mileage and time of maintenance via platform, the device will prompt maintenance while time is up.

To see demo of our web tracking srever live, in action, please click on the tracking platform- LOG IN button on top of this page. Demo account log-in details are below :

User Name: demo

Password: demo123


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